Who I Write For: My Struggle to Define My Target Audience

Jun 22, 2024 by S. R. Watts

Defining one's target audience can be challenging, especially when you've written a fantasy series as unique as The Divine Saga. 

The Impact That Frequent Writing Can Have

Jun 21, 2024 by S. R. Watts

Writing can affect both your mental health and professional development. Here's how it has affected me.

Why I Prefer Writing Fiction Over Journalism

Jun 20, 2024 by S. R. Watts

Journalism and fiction are two types of content I’ve had the privilege of writing. Here’s why I prefer the latter.

Virtual Storytelling: Taking Your Favorit Epics To The Next Level

Jun 12, 2024 by S. R. Watts

As technology advances, storytelling will become more immersive providing an experience unlike anything we've ever seen.

Read All About It: What Makes a Story Newsworthy

Jun 11, 2024 by S. R. Watts

Ever wonder what makes a story newsworthy? Does it have more to do with how relevant it is to society as a whole?

Ethical News Writing: How To Demonstrate Compassion For Unsavory Souls

Jun 10, 2024 by S. R. Watts

As the world becomes increasingly divided, writers can learn to build bridges through compassionate journalism.

Is it Ever Right to Sympathize With A Villain?

Jun 08, 2024 by S. R. Watts

Compelling Villains make for great stories, but should we, as a moral society, ever sympathize with them?

Mean What You Say and Say What You Mean: How I View Ethics in Writing

Jun 07, 2024 by S. R. Watts

Every Author writes for a different reason. For some, like myself, writing is a responsibility that shouldn't be taken lightly.

The Fear of Being Average: What Helps Me Stay Honest On Social Media

Jun 06, 2024 by S. R. Watts

Everyone wants to look their best on social media. But what if you're desire to be noticed online clashes with your commitment to be honest?

Dynamic Storytelling: How to Give Your Characters Agency

Jun 01, 2024 by S. R. Watts

There is more to writing a great story than what a book or a class can teach you. Sometimes, it takes experience to know what goes into crafting compelling characters that make your novels genuinely four-dimensional. Here is what I have learned about giving my characters agency.

What I Learned from Producing Videos For My Book Marketing

May 31, 2024 by S. R. Watts

Videos are a fascinating medium for promoting books. As an author, I am excited to explore how I can produce the right kind of content for the right kind of audience.

A Marvelous Work and A Wonder: How I Want to Use Social Media to Bless the World

May 30, 2024 by S. R. Watts

Social Media can be a gift or a curse; it all depends on how you use it.

The Hero's Journey: A Metaphor for Overcoming One's Demons

May 25, 2024 by S. R. Watts

The Hero's Journey can serve as a metaphor for many aspects of our mortal lives. This blog post focuses on one such metaphor: overcoming the demons that keep us from progressing.

YouTube: The Most Powerful Social Media App For an Emerging Author

May 24, 2024 by S. R. Watts

There are many good social media platforms on which to build a following. For my money, though, YouTube offers more for a budding author looking to make a significant impact on the book world.

The Power of Virtue: How My Upbringing Influences My Writing

May 23, 2024 by S. R. Watts

As an individual, I strive to be more than I am. That is why I live by a simple principle that governs how I live my life, which helps me become more divine with each passing day.

Epic Fantasy and Visionary Fiction: A Brilliant Fusion of Two Genres

May 18, 2024 by S. R. Watts

Blending two genres can produce some fascinating results, especially when working on a story you’re passionate about. Here is how my experiment with the process has yielded unexpected fruit.

Why Correct Grammar on Social Media is Important for an Author’s Success

May 17, 2024 by S. R. Watts

Social media isn't going anywhere, so it is very important to know why authors must use good grammar when using various platforms.

To Every Nation, Kindred, Tongue, and People: The Divine Will Speak

May 16, 2024 by S. R. Watts

With so many different cultures in the world, it might be hard to imagine how the Divine can communicate with those who have never heard of them. This is just one example of a time they did.

How J.R.R. Tolkien Has Inspired Me as a Fantasy Writer

May 11, 2024 by S. R. Watts

For many readers like myself, J.R.R. Tolkien is a name that has become synonymous with epic fantasy. His lasting legacy has been an inspiration to many fantasy writers throughout the last century, helping many to become greater authors in the genre themselves. This is how he has inspired me as a fantasy author.

Crafting Stories for Your Audience: The Art of Subtle Messaging

May 10, 2024 by S. R. Watts

It's not enough to want to promote your message in the stories you tell. You have to understand all the intricacies that go into good storytelling and then apply them to get people to listen to what you have to say—and it all starts with knowing your audience.